Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Space Making Earth Workshop at CEPT

Design Thinking module at Earth Workshop.

Design thinking kit used by participants of the Earth Workshop to develop concepts through brainstorming and visualisation cycles. The resources for this kit can be downloaded from this link here - Design Thinking Kit for Earth Workshop as pdf files set.

Student and craftsmen teams at the Earth Workshop design thinking session. Five groups used the Design Thinking kit and explored concepts on the visualisation sheets that were provided.

The day long session ended with the five teams making presentations of their concept sketches and scenarios before leaving for Kutch to work in a hands on manner with teams  of master craftsmen at the Hunnarshala.

On their return to CEPT after five days in Kutch the team put up an exhibition of their explorations and proposed design solutions at the School of Interior Design's double height foyer and we had a de-briefing session that would help internalize the learning from the whole workshop and encourage reflection and documentation tasks that are to follow.

Prof M P Ranjan

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