Thursday, August 30, 2007

DCC Assignment in understanding design intentions and goal setting through brainstorming and categorization

Image: Coordinators of three sub-groups dealing with "Future of Retail in India".

The class has been divided into three groups, each with a volunteer coordinator and the topics were assigned by drawing lots. The coordinators then selected their teams by inducting members from the class by taking turns in selecting their colleagues in a stand-up session.

The three groups will address the theme of the course that has been set for this particular course which is to explore and articulate the “Future of Retail in India”. The three groups will have a sub-theme each which will act as an area of focus and these are listed below:

Team 1: Design opportunities and challenges in Retail of Fresh Food.

Team 2: Design opportunities and challenges for Retail of Provisions and FMCG products.

Team 3: Design opportunities and challenges for Retail of Home Electronic products and services.

The team members of each group are shown below and they will carry out brainstorming and make a presentation of their findings on Monday morning after they have found an agreed structure of the opportunity space in the form of words that cover the attributes and features and the having mapped the contours of the space as they understand it today. Based on the discovered structure they will explore a number of metaphors that would be useful to help transmit their understanding to the rest of the class in the form of a poster presentation which would show the metaphor and all the associated concepts that they have discovered in their brainstorming stage.

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