Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Future of Retail in India: Some proposals and models at the end of the DCC class

Image: Home Electronics group doing classification>

The three groups worked hard and had a great deal of confusion in their transactions and in what they had to deliver. Finally the three groups came up with an agreed format for presentation and based on this they completed the structure that captured the various macro-micro dimensions of the design situation across each of the three assigned groups namely – Fresh Food, Provisions and Home Electronics – all dealing with looking at the Future of Retail in each of these commodities.

Image: Detail of Food Group structure model

Image: Provisions Group making their presentation

Image: Future of Retail: Fresh Food group

Image: Future of Retail: Provisions group

Image: Future of Retail: Home Electronics group

The groups have then taken on the assignment of building individual scenarios within their groups domain but each would find an area of opportunity that they personally see as both viable as well as necessary. This submission will be digital and be based on an analog image on A3 size paper that is scanned for submission along with a brief description of the design opportunity that is stated in a few words.

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