Saturday, September 15, 2007

Podcast for design education: A trial by Prof M P Ranjan

Bamboo Architecture: A Trial Podcast by Prof. M P Ranjan: Duration 9.45 minutes
Spend some time and see the other related podcasts which have been fed by YouTube based on the key words that I have provided.
Bamboo Architecture Traditions Structures

This is a small podcast that I created using iMovie and GarageBand on a Mac in my office. The voice over was recorded using the onboard microphone and with all the office noise which has to be corrected. The timing is a bit off but the whole thing works and now I am testing it for show on a blog via YouTube.

I propopse to make my lectures in this manner and test the use in my classes at NID for which I have to get myself a more powerful Mac and some new software that can handle the size and quality which I propose to make.

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