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Water in DCC: Storage, Sport and Awareness

Water in DCC2009: Storage, Sport and Awareness

Prof M P Ranjan

Water in DCC: Storage, Sport and Awareness: Results of Assignment One – What we already knew as a group – Brainstorming, Discovering Attributes, Articulating Structure of What we Know, Building a Model of What we Think we Know.

Image01: Group One worked on Storage and Delivery issues and perspectives with Water in our lives.

This group had a faint element of structure in their presentation but the form was that of a tree and many parts of the tree were used but most of their efforts were on the leaves and left many opportunities open for interpretation.

Image02: Group Two worked on Sports and Festivals that use Water in a major way and looked at the impact of their activities on water and that of water on the culture of sport.

This group had a well executed and imposing form of a tree (again) with the roots covering the sports and the leaves dealing with the festivals and the axe in between the trunk symbolizing the problems. The structure was polarized into two broad parts leaving scope for improvement in the next round.

Image03: Group Three worked on issues of Awareness and of major issues with water and methods of dealing with them.

This group had a scattered structure since they tried to use colour alone as a organizing principle and their metaphor of a space view with meteorites in motion around a symbolic planet failed to provide a structure that could support a meaningful expression and the form too was weak in showing relationships that the groups was talking about but failed to show in the connections on the model. The next round should show the way. I thought that this group too had a tree – but this time from the top view – I told them so from my point of view.

Image04: The Big Tree at NID as seen from the second floor window by each of the three groups must have influenced their decisions and the models offered above.

All groups had settled for the easy metaphor by using a tree or space without much structure and a good deal of feedback came up in the presentations and discussions from both students as well as the faculty team of Rashmi, Shashank, Sumiran and Ranjan, which I hope has provided a platform for rich learning by doing.

Prof M P Ranjan

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