Thursday, March 25, 2010

Concept Mela 2010: Six Design Schools for India

Prof. M P Ranjan
Five years after the last major Concept Mela where NID Foundation students shared concepts for sector specific design institutions we have given the theme of designing six new schools for six regions of India – North, South East, West, Centre and Northeast regions.

Image01: Poster designed to invite feedback in the Concept Mela format at NID

The Concept Mela is scheduled to take place on 26th March 2010 in the NID Foyer and six groups composed of the 88 Foundation students from 3.00 pm tpo 6,00 pm IST. We look forward to a stimulating evening of presentations and discussions with visitors, students and faculty from NID and a number of other schools in Ahmedabad. The presentations will continue on the next day, Saturday 27th March 2010, from 10.00 am to 12.00pm.

Image 02: Students at work over the weekend at NID working on their respective concepts as well as in sessions with experts and teachers in their groups.

Prof. M P Ranjan

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