Saturday, April 3, 2010

Concept Mela. Awesome conclusion for DCC2010

M P Ranjan

Six New Design Schools for India

Image: Groups of students with their models and metaphors to explain their concept for the six proposed design schools for their chosen regions of India. We hope that the National Design Policy administrators are listening

The "Concept Mela format was used again after several years at the end of this DCC class for the Foundation students at NID. Media showed interest and many visitors interacted with the students. They are preparing a package that will be made available to policy makers and stake-holders alike. This is an attempt to create the future in design education, see the paper, "Creating the Unknowable: Designing the Future in Education" (2005) download pdf file here.

M P Ranjan


Meena Kadri said...

Regarding "Designing the Future of Education" I would warmly invite any of NID students to apply to be part of the Creative Waves Coten Project: Service Designing Education.

"Over the past decade a great deal of attention has been paid to the structure, nature and design of the school curriculum across many countries. In many cases the results have been less than inspiring, if not deeply damaging, especially in the area of the arts. The focus on schools is highly important, but so is Higher Education, which is also facing a crisis and lacking inspired thinking.

An army of politicians, bureaucrats, auditors, managers and administrators have failed to offer an innovative vision for higher education – we invite you to apply your most innovative thinking to the problem."

Applications close on April 30

I'd love to see some committed NID-ians in the mix of the 7 week global online initiative. My experience on the last Creative Waves project was hugely rewarding.

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