Thursday, August 14, 2008

Individial Visions for Food Security in India: DCC2008 Paldi01

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Individial Visions for Food Security in India: Scenarios developed during the class DCC2008 at NID Paldi in the past two weeks.

Image: Individual offerings for the scenario visualization assignment at the end of this DCC2008 class at NID Paldi.

Scenarios visualized by NID students for the broad range of issues identified by them while working in groups over a period of two weeks in this particular session of the Design Concepts and Concerns class at NID Paldi. It is ironical that there is so much to be done and the country is facing severe food inflation but the investments in design efforts to solve these problems on a long term basis is almost zero.

Image: Another group of students from the DCC2008 class with their individual offerings of imagined scenarios to address the real needs of food and the design opportunities in our economy today.

It is not that the country does not have the money to address these issues but most of the money is spent on making standards and on testing rather than on innovation which will promise a better future for our people. This year we have as a nation spent a huge sum for trying to avert farmer crisis in the form of the loan waiver scheme that was announced by the Government of India while a small fraction of this amount spent on a regular basis on farm based innovation and the building of imaginative prototypes for the future would have given long term solutions. I hope that we will see such investments in the near future with the National Design Policy having been launched last year. However agriculture, education and health are still not on the radar of the policy makers since they seem to be only looking at luxury products for exports and not at real needs across the land that need design

…>…Design Concepts & Concerns


Anonymous said...

NID students are well known in India for their massive egos, unethical behaviour (for which the institute is famous) and are perhaps the most overhyped design graduates in the world. Its heartening to know that they do such things also... an eye opener.

Anonymous said...

anon - I agree with you on the fact about egos. MASSIVE egos. I am not sure about the ethical behavior, have not come across any. But this blog seems like a face saving attempt for NID. I do appreciate the fact that the design education is heading in an excellent direction.

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