Monday, August 11, 2008

West Bengal : Boat Fish and Fish Boat as Metaphor

Design Concepts & Concerns

Image: West Bengal team members with their Fish-Boat or Boat-Fish model.

The West Bengal group bounced back and surged foreward after the drubbing that they got in the first round of building models. What they missed out everyone else got to learn from, “fail early to succeed sooner”, as the slogan from the IDEO group says.

Image: Team members explaining the various parts of their model of Food in the context of West Bengal using their metaphor as an aid.

They chose to make a three dimensional model and the disadvantage was that it had more that one side and they had to work twice as hard to mark both sides of their Fish-Boat or should I say Boat-Fish metaphor to capture their understanding of the West Bengal food scenario as they had understood it after their meetings with their experts.

Image: Multiple views from the group presentation and the discussions that followed from the West Bengal team show.

The team however still did not have the deep understanding that a coherent structure would have provided them and the critique was sharp and the discussions quite revealing. The effort of making the huge model was however appreciated by all the particpants. However the consensus in the end was that the group missed out on using the richness of the model fully since the categories were quite macro and the finer aspects were not integrated into the final model but kept on the various external elements still to be brought into a central area.

Design Concepts & Concerns

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