Monday, August 11, 2008

Rajasthan: Song, Drama, Theatre and Games as Metaphor

Design Concepts & Concerns

Image: Team Rajasthan with their Board Game as metaphor and their Puppet Theatre to drive the point home.

The Rajasthan group used all the devices in the book to make their presentation. Starting with a song and a puppet show they told a story of a Princess and her new fangled ideas for bringing prosperity to a dry land. However the plans go dry and some problems emerge needing the attention of the King and his consort as the story unfolds. Their understanding of the complex interplay of various factors come out clearly in their first blast of theatre and drama to make their point.

Image: The Rajasthan team used a digital presentation to share their detailed structure for Food and the various categories of influencing factors, very detailed but long winded.

A very detailed structure gave the team a fairly deep understanding of the factors but since they used a digital medium that was linear in the mode of viewing the audience could not quite keep all the factors in their mind. This led to the discussion of George A Miller and his concept of the number seven and the limits of the mind memory span. This gave the class a view of an alternate platform that could be used and they could examine the pro’s and con’s of the various methods used by all the teams.

Image: Multiple views of the Rajasthan groups presentation using various methods to share their exploration of the theme and share their findings and insights with the class.

This group had the benefit of all the other presentations since they came last in the sequence but not to take away from the offering from the group the class appreciated the rich show and tell that they used.

Design Concepts & Concerns

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