Monday, October 1, 2007

DCC in Bangalore: Retail Design and Digital Experience students begin the journey

DCC in Bangalore: Retail Design and Digital Experience students begin the journey

Image: DCC Black Board. Many insights about the nature of design and a discussion about its boundaries.

Image: A revised model of the Design Journey along with a discussion of the systems metaphor for design – the fire model and the responsibility of the designer.

Tomas Maldonado in his critique of Buckminster Fuller’s belief that “Revolution by Design” would be exclusively an act of technological imagination states that for its success design would need what C. Wright Mills called “sociological imagination”, that is both technical courage as well as social and political courage, to achieve real lasting results.

Design is expanding in scope and meaning and design education needs to stay in touch to be effective. In this opening post from Bangalore in great weather and from the brand new R & D Campus of the National Institute of Design I am sharing a few pictures taken with faculty and students of the Bangalore Centre.

Image: With faculty and staff at the NID R & D Campus in Bangalore.

Image: DCC class session in progress in the Board Room on day 1.

Image: Students discussing the first assignment of “Exploring the self”.
Download the EAD06 paper about this course and its assignments and the visial presentation from my website here. PDF paper (50 kb) and PDF presentation (4.1 mb)

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Rashmi Korjan said...

Ranjan, good to see the first glimpses of the Bangalore campus through your blog.
Just came across this wonderful resource on 'diagramming' from the Open University UK, thought it will be useful for the students as they go into the next assignment of modelling information -

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