Sunday, October 21, 2007

Scenarios for sustainability and social equity from Bangalore

Scenario by Sandhya Kumari:

The students from the Bangalore Centre have submitted their final scenarios which they have derived from their explorations in the sectors assigned to them. Farm Fresh produce, Dairy and Poultry products as well a handcrafted Products all to be seen from the supply chain which would support sustainability as well as social equity. A few examples of their scenarios is shown above and below. Scenario visualisation is a critical part of design thinking and action since the imaginations of an individual are shared with many and in the discussions that follow the mental models get refined and updated and the process of development and improvement goes forward. For a more detailed note on Design thinking see the blog post on Design for India and the earlier post on the Design Journey on this blog below.

Scenario by Richa Sharma:

Scenario by Dinesh P:

Scenario by Usha Singh:

Scenario by Chandini Garg:

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