Monday, October 29, 2007

Scenarios for making the City a Creative Place from NID Paldi Batch 3

Scenarios from the Festivals & Culture group

Scenarios for a Creative City from NID Paldi batch 3
Students of the Toy Design, Lifestyle & Accessory Design, Animation Film Design, Film & Video and Ceramic Design programmes at NID Paldi campus formed the third batch of the DCC course. They were assigned four areas to investigate and develop concepts after building shared perspectives through a process of brainstorming, categorisation, modeling and metaphor building. All the groups looked at the issues dealing with the Strategies for building Creative Cities in India. They had to make sense of what they saw was happening in Ahmedabad and build a shared understanding of these developments through a process of making sense of the data that was available at hand. The four areas assigned included Healthy Sports in the City, Art Infrastructure for the City, Public Education to make the City a Creative Place, and to Enhance the Festivals and Culture of the City all to be examined from the perspective of sustainability and creativity. The selected scenarios developed by each of these groups is shown below. Click each image to enlarge

Scenarios from the Healthy Sports group

Scenarios from the Art Infrastructure group

Scenarios from the Public Education group

This batch included 50 students from the Post Graduate disciplines of Toy Design, Lifestyle & Accessory Design, Animation Film Design, Film & Video and Ceramic Design programmes at NID Paldi campus.

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meanestindian said...

Hi everyone... just a few quick thoughts from Berlin. So great to see that DCC now has a blog -- tho' I dearly wish I was there to join in the ever-intense discussions. Keep up the great work. [*] Meena Kadri (ex-NID faculty)

Festival and Culture Group:
I appreciate the way that the arrows flow both ways on the Culture + Festival area -- implying that interaction will be two-way -- and perhaps more leaning to bottom-up?. Perhaps you have thought of relevnt ways that media & electronic communication could also be collaborative (noting you have blogs + internet gallery ideas included) SMS seems like a relevant technology to innovatively incorporate into an inclusive strategy given the growing mobile access in India. The reality shows of fesivals seems appropriate along the inclusive theme also.

Would your outdoor communications be top-down or community inclusive? Would it be posible to involve the community in activities such as creating sports uniforms? Earlier this year I worked on an Icograda project Creating Waves which involved Pharmacy and graphic design students from around the world collaborating online to raise public awareness of critical health isues in Kenya. There were some great strategies devised for communications that were to be produced by the communities themselves -- just the strategies were provided by designers. Sadly the project site is down at the moment but you can read about what it entailed here:

Creative City Group: I like the idea of the bus. Reminded me of a BBC roadshow and of other such successful initiatives that have penetrated India's rural and urban innards. Your 'Breaking Barriers' note sung out to me here.

Art + Infrastructure Group: "more thinkers involved in education" I would hope we could have less thinkers and more doers. If only we could clone Ranjan ;-) "Art for an Empty Stomach" sounds intriguing -- would like to knwo more about this. "It helps you dicover your individuality" needs to be linked to "the desire to be understood and apprecited" and thus links the individual to the community and the community to the individual.

Public + Education: I miss the unique way that NID students visualise!! Can't read much of this online but it seems to contain some rich and well considered information.

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