Monday, October 15, 2007

What is Design? What can we know about it and what can we not and why.

Design is neither Art not is it Science. So what is it?

Image: DCC Black Board of class discussion today with students from five PG disciplines at NID
Students are requested to send us an email written in their own words (about 500 to 1000 words max) as a response to the class discussion and their own understanding of the subject. Try and explaon the subject to a 12th standard student and use examples from your own discipline to illustrate any point that needs to be explained.

One of our students from the Bangalore Centre has sent me his views as a blog post and you can see the post on this link below:
Bellare Samir Deep has made the post on his blog "I talk about design! Sad but True.", take a look. Send a copy to Rashmi and to me and if you wish to your faculty as well. Kindly place the words DCC2007 in the subjectline for easy categorisation of your message in my mail box.

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