Saturday, March 29, 2008

4. Paav Bhaji Wallah (Fried Bread and mashed vegetables)

Image: Paav Bhaji team prepared several models to explain the business processes and the business models of the various Paav Bhaji makers that they had studied in the field over a three day period. These were discussed in the class.

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Kabini said...

This was probably one of my favorite assignments throughout the course. I was quite unsure about it in the beginning, since it seemed like a boring job, and Im not really intrested in the business aspect of anything, the human side to it fasinated me. while I did not manage to gather much information on the feild, since my the pav bhaji walla I met was quite reluctant to talk to us, whatever I have heard from my groupmates has been enriching.
probably the most intresting thing I heard was the basis on which a lot of pav bhaji wallas hire their work force.they apparently prefer hiring men who are married, since they are supposedly more responsible, wouldn't squander their money and would have a reason to work hard and earn!!

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