Monday, March 17, 2008

DCC2008 Students in the NID KMC: Subject Water

Image: Foundation stufdents in the NID Knowledge Management Centre looking at a variety of published and archival resources about their theme, WATER.

The DCC2008 Foundation batch spent the day in the NID KMC carrying out research on the various categories of resources that are available in the Library which is called the KMC for short. They looked at the variety of resources that are available here after having put together a list of keywords and having broadly dividing the field into manageable areas amongst the team members, at least those who had agreed to participate, I did not see all of them in the KMC when I did my rounds with the camera. Some went to the Computer Centre and checked out Google and Wikipedia as well as other web resources and yet others met faculty at NID for very specific questions that needed to be addressed.

I look forward to the meeting with the class tomorrow and to an intensive work session during the week ahead and through this I do hope that we can build up a credible inventory of design opportunities in a massive list that is also organised and presented in a manner that we can share with the rest of the Institute and in the process influence future Diploma Projects at the NID with some of them being done in this critical area of water resource conservation and the culture of water for the future. This is indeed the very first stage in the design process, which is finding and sensing design opportunities and deciding what is worth doing and what can be done with the available resources and constraints, through the application of strategy and imagination and the designers sensibility, all part of the design journey.

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