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Self-Disclosure: Reflection about the self

Image: Students presenting rich image maps of themselves as part of their first assignment in the DCC course:

Self-Disclosure: Reflection about the self
Self-Disclosure: Reflection about the self and looking back into ones life activities and experiences to find and locate ones preferences and belief systems including likes and dislikes and ones taboos and epistemic roots when confronted with reflexive situations in the process of design. Students are expected to draw a map of themselves on a sheet of presentation paper (A3 size) along with key-words and images that would disclose themselves to the rest of the class. This is also a journey of self discovery in many cases and it is carried out with a great deal of commitment. These sheets are all displayed for several days on the softboards which are ever present in a design classroom at NID and it represents the first of many composite images that the student is asked to prepare during this course. About half a day is given for this task after the introductory lecture on the origins of design and our current understanding of design. No reading list is now given since the key-words generated during the lecture are to be used for research in the library and on the internet search sites to locate interesting new resources each time. This material becomes a point of reference all through the course, particularly during the intense group processes of the assignments that are to follow.

This description of the self disclosure assignment was part of a paper that I presented at the EAD06 conference on design at Bremen, Germany in 2005. The full paper (pdf 50kb) titled “Creating the Unknowable: Designing the Future in Education” and the visual presentation (pdf 4.1mb) can be downloaded from the links here.

To see the full presentation with all the embedded quicktime movie files please download all the files listed below and place them in a single folder along with the pdf file from the links below:

01_Self (mov file 1.6 mb)
02_Macro Model (mov file 3 mb)
03_Context with (mov file 6.2 mb)
04_Business (mov file 3.9 mb)
05_Designer (mov file 3.4 mb)
06_Calico (mov file 8.4 mb)
07a_Unknown (mov file 4.1 mb)
07b_Unknown (mov file 8.9 mb)
EAD06_2005_Show_MPR.pdf (pdf file 9.6 mb)

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