Sunday, April 6, 2008

2. Kerala Rainforest: Design opportunities for Water

2. Kerala Rainforest: Design opportunities for Water
The Kerala team worked together as a close knit unit and produced a very large range of alternate approaches all of which had been classified and structured for the group presentation. The format that had been chosen too was very exciting and full of possibilities since the task was to develop a publication in the form of a manual that could capture and disseminate all the selected design opportunities that the team had discovered as part of their exploration.

In keeping with their task they produced a concertina folded book that could double up as a wall chart and the other side of the wall chart was a huge poster that called for sustainable use of water lest there be a water WAR in the south. The news from the South is quite disturbing with the Karnataka and the Tamilnadu squabbles for the use of the River Cauvery’s water and this dispute has been going on for so many years now. In spite of all the expenses that have been incurred on this dispute on legal and political costs the State and Central Governments have not applied their minds to the possibility of investments in innovation and exploration of the kind that this group has suggested in our class. I wonder when we will learn as a nation that imagination and exploration can find lasting solutions if they are used in a cooperative mode. This was a great show of group solidarity and the result really raised all our expectations for the area of design action in the future by such group action which is very positive.

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