Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jasjyot Singh Hans : Design Opportunity - Water (Team - Northeast Hills)

Image: Jasjyot Singh Hans : Design Opportunity - Water (Team - Northeast Hills)

Jasjyot showed me the preliminary sketches that he had made in his sketch book over the last weekend when he had traveled to Delhi and was therefore delayed in preparing the final sheet. However, on the next day he showed up with the final scenario which is a rich representation of his thoughts about the concepts that he proposes for water based opportunity in the Northeast Hills.

Email sent in by Jasjyot about his scenario shown above is quoted below:


For this assignment, we had to imagine ourselves 15 years from now and look at ourselves in whatever profession we see ourselves in and what we could do about the design opportunity chosen in the previous assignment and how we could go about it. I had chosen to work in the area of awareness, as among north eastern India as we figured, the lack of which was the major problem for water related problems that prevailed. I see myself working in the area of animation and hence came the idea of targeting children because they would find the animation films interesting and we could effectively communicate with them through the medium and since they are the next generation and will be facing these problems, it was found necessary to instill certain values towards natural resources and ways to deal with a crisis so they can have a better understanding and could perhaps, inspire others with their truthfulness, innocence and involvement in the cause.

Tying up with an Non-Governmental Organization that works for a similar cause was considered as they could have better reaches in the area and could also have representatives that could make people living in remote tribes and villagers aware of 'what could be done' in their local languages. For this, we made two animated characters that had common middle class 'relatable' names according to their area so children could relate themselves to them better.

With the advancement of the idea, restricting ourselves to just films did not sound very efficient so it was thought that if it could be made a whole package by accompanying it with brochures, posters, flags that could be distributed in schools to the next generation, that is, the children that carried out the message simply but effectively. For controlling landslides and minimizing their impact trees could be planted near downhill settlements. This could reduce soil erosion as well. Schools and other institutions could organize tree plantation programmes that could involve children to help for the cause.

Jasjyot Singh Hans (Team - Northeast Hills)

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