Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kavya Agarwal : Design Opportunities Water (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

Kavya Agarwal : Design Opportunities Water (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

A decade and a half...if nursery rhymes could change to words of wisdom...if little mouths would no longer do small Flynn takes effect...little minds are quick on their feet.... they will be our tomorrow.... a responsible tomorrow....

“Water for Tomorrow” is my social service cum ‘awareness manufacturing’ company, which aims at creating awareness through books, movies, fun facts, games, stickers, and other products for the urban class and reinvesting its profits in uplifting the unfortunate ones.

As most of the resources are exploited by the urban population, this organisation aims to increase awareness in them.

The books produced by us are simple but are backed by strong psychological theories of learning . The leering and habits one forms as a child stay with him forever, hence our products are aimed at young children.

To start with, this company already has a mascot called “Aqui”. This animated freshwater drop is the champion for saving water. A small story book “Aqui and the running water tap” has already hit the shelves.

Our company looks forward on having government aid, so that we can provide customers with cheaper products. Who knows we could come up with an awareness economy in a decade and a half!!!!

Kavya Agarwal : (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

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