Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nandini Krishnamurthy : Design Opportunities Water (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

Nandini Krishnamurthy : Design Opportunities Water (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

The word 'coast' conjures an image of an amplitude of water spreading across miles, magical, which when touched for quenching needs, then vanishes, existing as the 'living mirage' of reality. The coastal waters of Maharashtra too, are abundant and salty, far from being 'short and sweet', and this very fact blindfolds the common minds with the availability of huge expanse of drinking water. Till today masses are unaware of the depletion of the limited drinking water, which sounds ironical when the context is referred to Coastal Maharashtra, but alas, the fact is turning true. But, I guess, by 15 years, Design would establish itself in the main market and help the people realize the true picture of water conditions in Coastal Maharashtra. It would spread the fact that rainwater (due to heavy rainfall) could help replenishing the groundwater and could be of more help to our sustenance.

Bringing changes in the architectural features, with the motive to save water, would not really harm the existing scenario of urbanization, rather it would make a huge difference in nourishing the natural resources and simultaneously, save space and energy wastage. This idea could be further progressed by getting the sloping roofs together to collect the rain water to a certain extent. Looking into the details, the roofs sloped inwards tapering to form an enclosed structure with the upper open base. The basic layer of the roofs are made up of concrete for strength and shelter. To prevent the contamination of the collected water, the concrete layer could possibly be over layered by an inexpensive water proof layer for anti leakage and conservation. A mesh-like structure could be placed over the structure to cover the opening and hence avoiding the macro impurities. The pipes taking away the water could contain filter simultaneously filtering the water for general use.

Taking the rising population and urbanisation into account in the next 15 years, I guess, this concept would aid the situation and would keep up the high demands for water if established in large scale. The basic advantages would include factors like less expenditure in establishment, serves the general comfort of shelter and heat (would by then be battling the global warming). There would always be a hope of achieving the best out of the current issue, and I think, 15 yrs, are enough to implement this dream, only IF awareness hypnotises the minds for the good and I also think that its time to get to work for it...

Nandini Krishna Murthy : (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

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