Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jyotika Deep Singh : Design Opportunities Water (Team – Desert Rajasthan)

Jyotika Deep Singh : Design Opportunities Water (Team – Desert Rajasthan)

Assignment:15 yrs ?: where do i see myself ???

I would certainly have given back a lot to society by then and would be looking forward to do more.mine is a simple illustration where i have characterised myself as sponge jo for the simple reason that I'm a conservor and would aim on absorbing every drop of water and using it judiciously.for me a period of fifteen years would be workin on a whole lot of activities...ranging from treating sewage water and recycling it so as to make it fit for domestic use and gardening purposes..drip irrigation , where pipes go underground n directly water the roots so as to prevent surface evaporation and seting up water management centres where a check on water is maintained and also on its quality. And I would make it a must that each student visits these centres atleast once a month so as to be in touch with the prevailing water crisis and hence becomes sensitive to the environment. It would be a long process of working on these techniques and developing new machines but hopefully all of it will serve as welfare to the people of rajasthan and other places, as a whole! and yes, thereafter 15 yrs there would be more opportunities, broader horizons and more awareness...

Note: I thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially the vendor assignment and the individual work too... All in all it was quite a wholesome course where I atleast got to know why I was doing, what I was doing!!

thanking you

Jyotika Deep Singh : (Team – Desert Rajasthan)

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