Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mitsu Shah : Design Opportunity - Water (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

Image: Mitsu Shah : Design Opportunity - Water (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

Tourism is an increasing occupation and along with it, there is also an increasing demand of hotels.

Keeping the magnificent backdrop of Konkan in mind, I would like to set up an eco-friendly hotel-cum-rejuvenation centre-cum-camping area.

The centre aims at spreading awareness and promotes conservation of our natural resources.

It targets a very large mass (tourists and locals).

It would be located a couple of hours away from the main cities like Mumbai and Pune, hence making it accessible to the hush-push city-ites who are always in a hurry and run on a very tight schedule.

Since it is the coastal region, the main attractions will be:-

Beaches, diving (sighting of the rare coral which is a great impetus for tourists, both local and foreigners), nature cure, ayurvedic massages, yoga, nature trails, bird watching etc.

The centre will have its own farms where organic vegetables, fruits and herbs will be grown. Its gardens will be full of tropical flowers and healing plants.

It will use alternate energy resources like solar and hydro. It will have an eco-friendly lighting system, compost waste food and bio-degradable cleaning agents.

The garbage will be split up into bio-degradable and non-biodegradable. The bio-degradable can be collected in paper/cloth bags and be taken to the compost pits every day. The non-biodegradable can be sent to the treatment plants.

The centre will also have rain-water harvesting systems that will help in retaining ground water and conserving water from the primary source itself.

Its rooms and bathrooms will have a sensor system, which will help to conserve water and electricity.

To spread awareness amongst the guests, guided tours will be arranged throughout the centre area.

There will be green-room information packs in every room.

Posters and tags will be put up throughout the premises.

Further on, the centre staff will also be made aware of the situation and be educated to the aim of the centre.

Mitsu Shah (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

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