Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kabini Amin : Design Opportunities Water (Team – Kerala Rainforest)

Kabini Amin : Design Opportunities Water (Team – Kerala Rainforest)

My visualisation, 15 years from now :

I imagine having started a magazine for youth that deals with issues like water, environmental degradation etc. Teen-targeted publications normally deal with film stars and random gossip. Also a large section of people are moving towards urban areas, where life is seemingly comfortable, and are thus unaware of the rural realities.

I personally think the youth is the strongest asset a country has. Unfortunately in our country, people aren’t considered capable of making decisions until they are well into their 30’s, an age at which they are so part of this larger system that all creative thinking has been suppressed. The youth in the country (in this case Kerala) should be mobilised and sensitised towards making some kind of change. With the magazine I hope to create a new system.

I would begin this by studying the functioning’s of popular youth magazines, by targeting readers, advertising and increasing popularity.

I remember always wanting to act proactively in the society and wanting to help resolve environmental issues, but never knowing how. I wish to inform like-minded people about steps they could take in this direction.

After weighing out all the possibilities, I found that this design opportunity was the most feasible and at the same time the most powerful. When the state/country has an empowered and informed youth, then it is truly a rich land.

This idea may not be exclusive to Kerala, but has the advantage of being flexible so that it can be adapted to any place.

Kabini Amin : (Team – Kerala Rainforest)
P.S. all this would apply if 15 years from now the state of Kerala still exists even after the effects of climate change.

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