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Avirup Basu: Design Opportunities Water (Team – Desert Rajasthan)

Avirup Basu: Design Opportunities Water (Team – Desert Rajasthan)

There is a saying that " to change a system you have to be in the system".The reason that i am beginning my design oppurtunity assignment writeup through this quote because i strongly believe ,although how cliched it may sound,what the quote reiterates.It was an introspective look at how do i see myself 15 years down the line as a designer addressing the issues of water in rajasthan.

I see myself working as an animator making storyboards doing concept art or throwing concepts itself after passing out from NID.My education is complete i have a good job and i am enjoying what i am doing,end of the story for me as far as my career is concerned But what happens to the responsibility?what happens to my contribution in such serious issues of water harvesting?...oh well i make an extremely motivating animation film about water conservation and raise my hands and say" i have done my bit,now it's for the administration to apply it".

NO,it's not going to happen this time, i believe visual communication can only promote and create awareness about the problem it is those who work in the ground level who has to solve it. I want to be in the system ,if water scarcity have reached a level where visual communication and awareness campaigns have lost all meaning then i prefer to leave my job and join politics championing the cause of water.There must be a faint smirk in everyone's face as i say this but as i said i believe administerational level and the policy makers have to solve this problem and i prefer to be among them.Joining mainstream politics and campaigining for such issues will not be easy but i will not only be implementing policies as a "designer politician" i will be providing solutions by addressing the designing aspects as well.I intend to bring product designers having experience in these issues from all over the country and give them a free hand in providing a solution tfor such crisis.

That will not be the only way, there will be government support for these proje cts to flourish and i believe if my intentions are right and if i give a clear cut idea of what i intend to achieve to the people no political manipulations can stop me from pursuing my goal in rajasthan. There are several design solutions waitin to be implemented,but restricted due to someone's selfish motives. An ecofriendly environment where industries will be made accoyuntable for the kind of water waste they create,will be implemented and people based projects will be implemented which will provide jobs for the locals as well.

This is how i percieve myself addressing issues of water,and although how radical it may sound i believe it is an achievable dream.

Avirup Basu : (Team – Desert Rajasthan)

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