Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kaveri Gopalakrishnan : Design Opportunity - Water (Team - Himalayayan Foothills)

Image: Kaveri Gopalakrishnan : Design Opportunity - Water (Team - Himalayayan Foothills)

Q:15 years hence, what do I see myself doing in the Himalayas with water (reference to previous understanding) ?

Two things close to my heart-art,and children.
Children come up with the best ideas-fresh and from the heart.
The 60s,among many things,were an era of sunny optimism and endless possibilities,besides being one of great unrest and dramatic change.

An eco-friendly art school-cum-ashram, Ketu (shooting star-symbol of creativity on a journey) which aims to tackle issues of waste, energy efficiency and sustainable development in the himalayas.

Since water is a primary issue, being life source, I intend to create a place where individuals can make conscious attempts to make intelligent choices for life, whether young or old. Love for the land and ideologies like 'art for arts sake' will inspire.

Ketu is registered with (Britain) and Greenpeace, for guidance in its research center and eco farms (careful use of water and recycling systems) where locals can relearn from their environment. Funds are hence derived, while volunteers trained by myself (or from sister ngos) teach primary children and interested locals of other age groups. Insights from outside sources are turned into working models-work with ngos, stories published In journals, installations,perhaps have the childrens work spread online. Education starts at home, with parents being taught the right way to live.

The ashrams will spread, and the Himalayas themselves become a land of great change. An ambitious project, but one that can work.

Kaveri Gopalakrishnan (Tram - Himalayayan Foothills)

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