Sunday, April 6, 2008

3. Himalayan Foothills: Design opportunities for Water

3. Himalayan Foothills: Design opportunities for Water
The Himalayas team explored all the ideas that had come up during the earlier phases of their design opportunity search and they decided as a group to focus their efforts on the building of a specific business opportunity with an integrated set of water based uses on which they could focus. They too had narrowed their field quite dramatically when the chose to focus on the building of one hotel chain to deal with the climate and terrain potential of the Himalayan foothills which was their field of play. They proposed a new hotel chain which would work on the development of ecological uses of water in a sustainable manner and for this objective they proposed many specific strategies and product solutions that could be developed and applied in the chain of hotels that they propose to build and operate as a sustainable business venture in the future.

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