Sunday, April 13, 2008

Geetika Kejriwal : Design Opportunity - Water (Team - Desert Rajasthan)

Image: Geetika Kejriwal : Design Opportunity - Water (Team - Desert Rajasthan)

RAJASTHAN is known for colors,culture and tradition and so i have chosen a fair to bring about awareness in the area. WATER UTSAV will be an event in which the community gets together to discuss about necessary water related issues. Like any other fair there will games here but with a twist...there will be a 'camel coaster ride which will go around the area showing water shortages and its solutions leading to a happy ending. A forum for people to discuss there views and get to know about the technicalities and also encourage them to find new ideas. The value water has been known in rajasthan since ever but through this mela they would get to know what exactly can be done. Rather than being taught in books people will experience the whole thing and would feel the need to work for the cause.The mela acts like a stimulant.

In the next 15 years I see the idea transferring itself from the paper to a small village to a district to many other districts and finally the whole area. In the illustration I have shown how the plan is carried forward by first reaching out to a sarpanch of the village, convincing him, arranging for the necessary funds and thus starting on a small scale. The key factor here is succeeding in this and carrying on the task to other villages. As more and more villages organise the fair even the funding would increase. The money earned could be invested to build a community rain water harvester.Rjasthan water day could be celebrated with fairs all over the state. In this way people will have fun and also gain the necessary knowledge.

Geetika Kejriwal (Team - Desert Rajasthan)

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