Saturday, April 19, 2008

Amol Singh Tomar: Design Opportunities Water (Team - HIMALAYAN FOOTHILLS)

Amol Singh Tomar: Design Opportunities Water (Team - HIMALAYAN FOOTHILLS)

Himalayan range, a paradise to rest of the world but surely not for the people living there, especially the rural women who have to walk for more than 10 kms every day to fetch water. In my dreams, the Himalayas in coming 15 years will have a network of “cable buckets” transporting water from the river flowing below to either the peaks or to the sub stations finally reaching the peak. The river flowing below is generally the source of water and the women have to travel for kilometers to fetch water. There will be stations situated at the base, which will be collecting water from the river and sending it up through the cable system. The empty buckets would be coming down through an adjoining cable system.

The water sent from the transmitting stations is received on receiving stations situated either on a low peak or somewhere in between according to population distribution. People might have to pay for each bucket, if it is required to be purified at the transmitting level or if the cable system is operating through power. The buckets are designed so that they are easy to carry to their near by home on their heads by using leather straps and giving a cavity to fit the bucket properly on once back. Receiving stations would be build according to the population distribution example one for three or four near by villages.

In this way the problem of water transportation will be solved The Himalayan rural women then will then be able to make themselves and their surrounding socially and culturally strong. It might have disadvantages like it spoiling the natural beauty of Himalayas.

Amol Singh Tomar: (Team - HIMALAYAN FOOTHILLS)

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