Saturday, April 19, 2008

Abhijit K R: Design Opportunities Water (Team – Kerala Rainforest)

Abhijit K R: Design Opportunities Water (Team – Kerala Rainforest)

Buddha, ‘Brand Water' and creative commons

Design scenario visualisation

Buddha is the sign of knowledge dissemination without bounds. In a way Buddha paved the way for creative commons and the idea of sharing as a whole.

After 15 years, once brand 'keyaar' is established, I believe I’ll be able to do the things with very few constraints of time and money.

My idea of design intervention in water related design opportunities and opportunities as a whole, is to create an online learning/knowledge sharing platform. I call it school’e’ for now. I will choose Internet as it's (I hope so) a medium where there is the least discrimination. And in the case of kerala, we have seen the spread of telecom revolution at a never-before-seen rate, and so when we project this to the net scenario, it’s right to believe that by 2023,most, if not every, household will have a computer and Internet access. The access to the site and its activities will be idea-centric unlike the skill centric institutions of these days. The site will hold discussions on society, ecology, design and logic. The principle will be that of 'practice what you preach' and outcomes will be held for peer-group evaluation. As a part of the program, there will be a water portal, both in Malayalam and English (which is a concept I had during the design opportunity mapping) so that in sync with the basic ideology, information will be open and experiential to all.

Besides these I’ll host an online community, wherein the various aspects mentioned above in school'e' concept will be discussed between activists, designers and artists of all sorts. This community and the school’e’ people will be responsible for the product and / or other ideas which the people of kerala will be able to put into practice. One approach will be to tap local resources like the coconut tree and local wisdom, which will be shared online or on the field.
The financial backup will be provided by my design activities, freelance writing and paintings and shares. As for infrastructure, the resources will be minimal, as a computer and a domain name will be enough for he purpose.
As for the strategy, I will be adopting the Adjusters strategy wherein I will use the normal branding procedure used by high paying brands and the Planman type of promoting one brand with another's activities.
On discussion with my peer group I found that the strategy appealed to all, with someone expressing concern over the classless nature of the Internet and the widespread use of the same. The feasibility aspect of this idea was also appreciated.
I have tried to present the idea in a straightforward manner and is based on the business model study we had in dcc, while the information gathered during the process of earlier brainstorms is used as a base.

Abhijit K R: (Team – Kerala Rainforest)

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