Saturday, April 19, 2008

Surabhi Gangrade: Design Opportunities Water (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

Surabhi Gangrade: Design Opportunities Water (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

Scenario 15 years from now…water crisis

During the acute water crisis in the western coast of India,

SURABHI ENTERPRISES takes an initiative with government aid to help harvest rain water for the villages in the valleys of the Western ghats, for a self-sustaining, regular and multi-functional supply of water for drinking, irrigation, normal supply, as well as electricity.

The company uses its initial capital to construct the proposed structure and is then paid by the government for the design solution and opportunity generation in t he villages.

The workforce employed as well as the industries involved are expenditure.

Scope of expansion is large and the generation of opportunities helps out the booming population in the villages.

My presentation is of the system and the field technicalities coexisting in one model.

I have emerged as an entrepreneur that’s not exactly all for profits but also wants to help out for the country’s water requirements. I do understand that the matter of profit here is mostly dependent on the government, but it is a useful venture for the country.

I tried to make it simple as well as visually appealing, for the easy understanding of the design concept and business model.

Surabhi Gangrade: (Team - Coastal Maharashtra)

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