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Aakash G V: Design Opportunities Water (Team – Kerala Rainforest)

Aakash G V: Design Opportunities Water (Team – Kerala Rainforest)

Me, Aakhash GV after convocating from NID, might pursue Masters In design (related to PD), then start earning (say after 5-6 Yrs.) The whole idea of establishing an industry that Manufactures Water management systems for various other industries in Kerala and other water related products using the then latest technology is what I dream of in reality. 15 years from now is a reallygood quality time to think upon its establishment,& feasabilty. Coming from an industrial background, my major financial aid will be my dad and my uncle + max. bank loans + my 6-7 years of savings + my bank accounts and policies. Investing such a huge amount, that also after 15 yr. in Kerala, one of the best places to located it would be COCHIN-Industial Zone.

Kerala, basically is abundant of rich raw materials, and resources. Im targetting at industries herethat consume water at a large scale, 15 years frm now. By then, 1000s of industries will be flourishing(if the ecosystem survives, especially water).Kerala also has a favourable, tropical humid climate, high literacy rate---->so good skilled employment and enough raw water supply and rain.These factors influence industries to enter Kerala.

Me and my industry [Aakhash Water Maagement Systems] will plan, design and manufacture products that are cost effective, sustainable, incororating the then best suitable technology and eco-friendly such as :

Various RO systems for industrial waste water purification
UV, Ozonization, Ion exchange process, activated water treatment,
various filter systems and other future technology for effective water purification.
Backwater de-salination by structured RO systems for industrial raw water supply(without affecting the aquatic and the surrounding water systems ) --power for the system driven by wind mills --a very high budget project ( say done later )
Ultra water purifiers for domestic purposes
Other water treatment processes for industries internally.
Permanent Water sprinklers around every industry that maintains greenery/gardens around it to reduce noise pollution and increase rainfall + oxygen.......Plants like grass, flowering plants, coconut grooves, banana plantations, mangrooves, etc.

Awareness :

Once the industry is well set up, then we will invite and offer industrial visits to school students and college students and educate them about the need and significance of the industry and hoe to manage water in the future.

Website designed to educate users on water management by presentations and motion graphics, along with the industrial profile.

Conduct contests regarding water systems at school and college levels and give away prizes.

Employment :

By establishing this industry , I will be providing employment to a lot of skilled and hard-working people related to the field. Major industrial directors, managers and members who mamane the smooth functioning of the industry will also comprise IIT, IIM, and NID graduates who will pave the future of the industry and Kerala.

Aakash G V (Team – Kerala Rainforest)

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